Relocations, M5s presents its law with unscheduled. Worker Gkn intervenes and challenges Todde: “Unheard workers”

When the stalemate lasted for months on relocation decree (opposed by Confindustria e center right and never landed in the Council of Ministers) had led to the transformation into a amendment to the last budget law, the choice of the majority had been immediately challenged by workers and trade unions. Why withholding insufficient, not useless. Now is the 5 Star Movement to try again, presenting to the Senate, in video link with the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alessandra Todde, a new bill on the topic relocations. With a change of perspective: the text, first signed by the senators Sergio Romagnoli and the former Minister of Labor, Nunzia Catalfo, does not focus on sanctions and punishments for companies that decide to relocate, but chooses to “reward companies that remain in the area or bring production activities back to Italy ”, as the proponents explained. But during the presentation there was an unscheduled: someone turned the link of the Zoom platform to Alberto Zoratti, communication manager of the factory collective Gkn, the Campi Bisenzio plant whose workers last summer had been fired overnight by the English fund owner of the group.

Zoratti therefore took the floor and challenged the latest rules: “The approved amendment does not satisfy us. We have repeatedly reiterated to Deputy Minister Todde that this proceduralization of operations it would have prevented us from winning an Article 28 and moving forward with ours mobilization. Maybe it would have been better listen to workers and trade unions, because this provision does not take into consideration the needs of those involved in the real disputes, ”he explained. And again: “It cannot be resolved with sanctions, but above all with such small penalties. The question is not to be the middle part between companies and workers, why so you risk worsening the situation of many workers “. A response to Todde who said she was convinced of the effectiveness of the amendment to the maneuver as’both Confindustria and the trade unions are unhappy“. Lthe deputy left was forced to reply, admitting at the same time that the solution found is a compromise politico: “One small step forward, certainly not decisive, but we must take into account that it comes from one heterogeneous majority“, She defended herself. And again, also responding to the Done on the limits of the provision: “A company cannot be forced to stay, we must instead focus on rewarding. It is not correct to say that the union is taking up arms“(Fiom had complained about the impossibility of appealing to the Labor Courts).

Sui times of the new bill obviously no certainty, with the fate of the legislature to say the least uncertain after the game of vote for the Quirinale: “It is true that they are tight, but if we want we can find synergies and approve it in a short time,” said Romagnoli. According to which the text “Wants to complete a path on which as M5s we have always placed our attention, already with the Dignity decree of 2018, both with the latest government amendment “. Di Maio for his part, in the video link, said he was convinced “that this is the right path, because it rewards those who invest. And we must allow many companies that all over the world want to invest in Italy to be able to do so. Count on me, we must be able to approve this bill ”.

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Todde argued that the pending amendment “allows for time. Which is what you need to earn when a company decides to close, because what happens immediately is the desertification of the territory where it is located. And the amendment ensures that there are three months, the company must present a plan ”, recalled the deputy minister. But already the trade unions had warned that the time claimed is in reality little: “Anyone who is at the crisis tables knows that 3 months are certainly not enough to discuss the maintenance of production activities in Italy and 12 months are not enough (or, the current redundancy fund for termination) to conclude a reindustrialization “, explained the secretary of Fiom Cgil, Francesca Re David. But not only. Also many workers of the main disputes, from Whirlpool a Gkn, passing through Timken e Gianetti and not only that, already critics of the drafts of the first decree (inspired by the French law Florange, which turned out to be a flop), had contested the government amendment, which was limited to double the costs of dismissal. If in the decree announced in July a fine of up to 2% of turnover was foreseen, now it reaches a maximum of 3 thousand euros per person fired.
Measures considered insufficient especially by Gkn workers. The same ones who had already presented their own bill in Parliament. Developed by a group of progressive jurists and lawyers, with drafters Matteo Mantero di Potere al popolo and former M5s Yana Chiara Ehm (Mixed), and already supported by a group of parliamentarians, including Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian Left. “The initial drafts were not against relocations anyway, they were ineffective. They only involved one procedure. Our proposal, on the other hand, really wants to avoid relocations: would allow to decree the ineffectiveness of layoffs, and to distinguish the freedom of enterprise from the will instead of destroying the enterprise ”, they explained to al, during a garrison. A proposal, that of workers, which also included measures such as binding positive opinion of the same and the precedence to workers’ cooperatives.

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