Relegation customer with good dynamics and 7 out of 12 against Club Brugge: "We want to show that again for 90 minutes"

Zulte Waregem is in a good flow in 2023. Can that also yield points against Club Brugge at the Gaverbeek?

To the semi-finals in the Belgian Cup after a win against STVV, 7 out of 12 in the competition and even played a good game in the defeat in Genk.

“We are in a good dynamic at the moment”, Mbaye Leye also realizes that things are going well with Essevee. Although they are (by far) not where they want to be, because they are still in a relegation place.


Borja Lopez was also important for the team as a substitute: “It has been a rollercoaster for me in recent months, but I try to do my part. We all want to continue to give everything.”

“In training you notice that everyone wants to go for it, the substitutes also celebrate together with the basic players when we win. We have a common goal, it is the coach who decides who plays.”


A feeling that also lives with Jelle Vossen: “Everyone is ready, it is clear that we have a broader core with more options for substitution.”

“Now we have a long training week. On Sunday we want to be there again against Club Brugge, we want to show a 90-minute drive again. We succeeded against Anderlecht, but against Westerlo only in the second half.”

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