Relative accused theft in rjd mla house: bihar me rjd vidhayak ke ghar me 5 lakh ki chori mla ke rishtedar par hi chori ka shak


  • 50 lakh stolen in RJD MLA Vibha Devi’s house in Nawada
  • Police arrested four accused
  • Main accused still absconding, police raiding
  • RJD MLA’s relative suspected of theft

Aman Raj, Nawada
A shocking case of theft of about 50 lakhs has come to light in the house of RJD MLA Vibha Devi in ​​Nawada, Bihar. Following the complaint, the police have arrested four accused. However, the main accused is still absconding, who is being sought. About 33 thousand rupees have been recovered from the arrested accused. The theft is suspected on the relative of RJD MLA.

The accused were caught working in MLA’s house
The four people who were caught by the police for the theft in the house of RJD MLA Vibha Devi have been identified. The arrested accused include Sonu Kumar of Pathara English village, Mantu Kumar of Govindpur, Uday Prasad of Gogan village of Akbarpur police station area and Musafir Yadav of Mahanandpur. It is being told that the four accused used to work at the MLA’s house.

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Raids intensified in search of main accused
The police have recovered 33 thousand rupees from the arrested accused. The main accused is still absconding, for whose arrest raids are being conducted. According to the police, the main accused had carried out the crime by joining these four together. 15-15 thousand rupees were also given to all four.

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Relatives of RJD MLA who are being told to be named accused in the case!
According to the information, after the case of theft of 50 lakhs came to light, the MLA representative had lodged an FIR in the local police station. Two people were also named as accused in this. The nominated accused are said to be relatives of the MLA. Since the matter is related to relative, nothing is being said clearly from the MLA’s side. The police has started the investigation.

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