Relationship with Claudia Obert (60): That’s what Max’s (24) parents say

Their love sparks controversy! Claudia Obert (60) has been totally happy with 24-year-old Max for seven weeks and is also very much in love publicly: the couple can’t keep their hands off each other. Things also seem to be going well for the two of them outside of the public eye, because they don’t mince words about their fulfilling sex life either. But how does Max’ environment feel about this unusual relationship?

“Fortunately, my parents are very progressive and support our happiness in love”he told picture thankful. And the friends of the web designer would have no problem with his girlfriend, who is 36 years older than him, and they stand by him: “A few have already been able to meet and find my lady of hearts Claudia mega likeable!” But it is also particularly important for Max to emphasize how independent he already is at his young age. “I live just down the street from my parents’ house. My parents don’t have to support me financially in any way.”

As an entrepreneur, Max works particularly hard and doesn’t shy away from sleepless nights. “I may be young, but I’m already quite successful. This combination usually only exists on the street.”, he declared proudly. In terms of money would Claudia and her sweetheart complement each other well: “We both don’t need alms.”

Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

Claudia Obert in Ibiza

Lenthe, Andre/ActionPress

Max and Claudia Obert, July 2022 in Hamburg

Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

Claudia Obert, entrepreneur

Can you understand that Max’s parents are so supportive of him?

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