Reiner Calmund: Reiner Calmund reveals how generous his breakfast used to be

Reiner Calmund has visually changed extremely in the past few months. After his heavy weight loss, he now reveals how opulent his breakfast was in earlier times – and what foods he now starts his day with.

In January 2020, Reiner Calmund, 72, underwent a stomach reduction. Since then, the pounds have been falling. In the meantime, Calmund, who used to weigh 180 kilos, has lost a full 90 kilos – he has literally cut himself in half. In an interview with “Bild”, the former football official reveals how much his eating habits have changed in recent years, especially with regard to breakfast.

Reiner Calmund: He used to have this opulent breakfast

Before Reiner Calmund, who is also affectionately known as “Calli”, underwent gastric bypass surgery, his diet was significantly more abundant than it is today. In an interview via video call with “Bild”, the 72-year-old shows how much he ate for breakfast before his operation.

At that time, three to four eggs were on his morning menu, varying as fried or scrambled eggs. In addition, “the bacon had to be there of course”, there were also rolls with sausage or cheese and at the end “it had to be something sweet” like croissants or donuts. He complemented his breakfast with blueberries, which have always been “something special” for him.

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This is how he starts the day today

With his stomach reduction, of course, a change in diet went hand in hand. Now he only eats two slices of wholemeal bread with ham, cheese or jam and an egg every now and then. But the ex-Bundesliga manager has retained an old habit: “I still eat my favorite fruits, blueberries,” because they are ultimately healthy.

The operation was decisive for his success, as it caused a feeling of satiety. Before that, he had not received the “signal” for saturation, no matter how much he consumed: “The red lamp did not come on.”

He also emphasizes that he now has a completely new attitude towards life. After a few years ago he got “gasping” after a few steps, he can now enjoy long walks. “It’s a completely different life when you’ve lost half the pounds,” he sums up.

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