Reiner Calmund: Reiner Calmund can play with his daughter

Reiner Calmund has halved. Thanks to his extreme weight loss from 180 to 90 kilos, the long-time manager and managing director of the football club Bayer Leverkusen can now play badminton with his daughter Nisha.

In the last few days, Reiner Calmund, 72, caused a sensation, first with his new Twitter profile picture and then with his earlier lavish breakfast amounts. In the past two years, the ex-soccer official has undergone a physical transformation.

With the help of a stomach reduction, he has lost around 90 kilos – and almost halved. Insanity! In an interview with “Spiegel”, the popular “Schlag den Henssler” jury now revealed, among other things, how this has changed his family life.

Reiner Calmund can play badminton with his daughter after losing weight

Previously, before his weight loss journey began in early 2020, Reiner Calmund was physically restricted. His 180 kilos made him “difficult” in the truest sense of the word. That finally looks different. What he couldn’t do before, the TV face now does with ease – like playing with his daughter Nisha, for example.

“I can now play badminton with my daughter. We have a wonderful pond in our residential area in Saarlouis, and I always walk around it now,” says Calli, as he is affectionately known.

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The regained physical activity with his child is likely to be particularly important to the long-time manager and managing director of the Bayer Leverkusen football club. Calmund and his third wife, Sylvia Calmund, adopted Nisha in 2013 at the age of two. She is originally from Thailand. The father of six – Reiner has five children and four grandchildren from his first two marriages – and Sylvia fulfilled a long-awaited wish.

After miscarriages and artificial insemination: Reiner and Sylvia adopt daughter Nisha

Previously, Calmund’s wife suffered miscarriages; the eight artificial inseminations were unfortunately unsuccessful. The 72-year-old reported in early 2021 in the Sky documentary “My Story”.

During their vacation in Thailand, Reiner and Sylvia Calmund met a little girl in the orphanage. “At some point the director of the orphanage came and said: Whenever her wife comes, Nisha runs to her and wants to poke her. That was something moving,” recalls Calli. With her he can finally enjoy his regained physical activity today.

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