Reiner Calmund can play with his daughter thanks to weight loss

Reiner Calmund (72) can finally fully enjoy his dad days! In January 2020, the former football official dared to take a decisive step: He underwent gastric bypass surgery – and turned his entire life inside out. The former Bundesliga manager lost a proud 90 kilos. In doing so, the grill has not only done the Henssler juror a favor for his health. His daughter Nisha also benefits from his weight loss: Calli can finally play with the ten year old without any restrictions!

In an interview with Spiegel said the 72-year-old about his new life and raved about the advantages that he can finally enjoy. “I can now play badminton with my daughter. We have a wonderful pond in our residential area in Saarlouis, and now I always walk around it”, Calli enumerated the benefits of his weight loss. He hadn’t been able to do all of this before because of his overweight.

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Nevertheless, the TV star does not live entirely in renunciation – but he limits himself: “Today I only have one piece of cake instead of three.” Is afraid of having his lost pounds back on his ribs soon Reiner not. “The stomach is small now,” said the sports expert.

Reiner Calmund in August 2021

Krick, Jens / ActionPress

Reiner Calmund in August 2021
Reiner Calmund, former football official
Reiner Calmund in November 2021

Moritz Kegler / Photo Scheiber / ActionPress

Reiner Calmund in November 2021

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