Reimbursement in Lombardy, all prescribed: the Cassation redevelops the crime and cancels the sentences. Bossi jr, Ciocca and Romeo are saved

The Court of Cassation has reset for prescription almost all the convictions of the maxi-trial on the so-called “Rimborsopoli” in the Lombardy Regional Council, in which politicians and former politicians were accused of having illegally reimbursed with public money the most varied expenses – including above all lunches and dinners, but also scratch and win and shotgun shells – for a total of approx three millions in four years, between 2008 and 2012. In July 2021, the Milan Court of Appeal confirmed most of the 52 convictions for embezzlement handed down in the first instance. The Supreme Court, however, has reclassified the crime in “undue receipt of public funds“, accepting one of the theses supported by the defense, declaring prescribed and annulling without delay – among others – the conduct of the current leader of the League in the Senate Maximilian Romeo (sentenced to one year and eight months) of the “Trout” Renzo Bossison of Umberto (sentenced to two and a half years), and a year and a half to the MEP Angelo Cioccaone of the coordinators of the “North Committee”, the Bossian current within Matteo Salvini’s new League (sentenced to one and a half years).

Only three were definitively convicted: Corrado Paroli, Giosuè Frosio and Elisabetta Fatuzzo. After the redevelopment of the crime, the convictions of the former directors Cesare Bossetti, Claudio Bottari, Jari Colla, Francesco Fiori, Luca Gaffuri, Mauro Gallina, Giuseppe Angelo Giammario, Massimo Luca Guarischi, Giacomo Longoni, Antonella Lottini were also canceled without postponement for prescription , Alessandro Marelli, Ennio Moretti, Massimiliano Gino Orsatti, Ugo Parolo, Roberto Pedretti, Marggherita Pedroni, Vittorio Pesato, Giorgio Pozzi, Giorgio Puricelli, Gianluca Rinaldin, Doriano Ripabelli, Monica Rizzi, Luciana Maria Ruffinelli, and Carlo Saffioti. Last year the Milan Court of Appeal also ratified ten settlementsincluding that of Silvio Berlusconi’s former dental hygienist Nicole Minettisentenced to a year and a month of prison calculated continuously with the two years and ten months inflicted for the “Ruby bis” trial, thus reaching the three years and 11 months totals.

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