(Registration) Agriculture Input Grant Scheme 2021: Apply Online

Krishi input anudan ( krishi input bihar ) krishi input ravi fasal (untimely rain / hailstorm / storm) Krishi input anudan online apply 2021 Due to unseasonal rain and hail fall in various states of the country, many Up to 90 percent of the farmers’ rabi crops have been damaged. In such a situation, farmers can apply online for agricultural input grant, for which the announcement has been made by the state government.

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Online application started for Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme Kharif 2021. if your Kharif crop destroyed If so, then the application for this has started, you are mentioned below. image processing You can apply online for Kharif Agriculture Input Grant by adopting Rest of the process will be same as Ravi which we have told you below.

Are you also a farmer, have you also lost your Ravi crop due to hailstorm?

if “Yes” So in today’s article, we will tell you the process of Bihar Agriculture Input Grant online application, as well as we will inform you about the process of application in other states as well.

Krishi Input Aavedan

What’s in this post?

Agriculture Input Grant Ravi Mausam (Untimely Rain / Hail / Thunderstorm) Online Application 2021

The hailstorm has caused a lot of damage to the crops of farmers in different states of the country and it is being feared even further.

in many parts of the country 90% to farmers The state government has come forward and decided to give grants to these farmers, under which the process of online application is also going to start soon.

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The agriculture input grant has been promised by the state government to the farmers under Ravi Fasal.

Due to hailstorm and untimely rains, this time there has been a lot of loss of Rabi crop, in which the maximum loss is Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh Happened in

The Rajasthan government has decided to run a special Girdawari campaign for the loss caused by hailstorm to the farmers.

There itself Government of Uttar Pradesh A toll free number has also been issued by the toll free number of the farmers in the event of crop damage due to hailstorm, water logging, lightning, within 72 hours of the incident, the toll free number of the insurance company. 1800 120 90 90 90 It is necessary to register by calling on

Krishi Input Anudan Yojana Highlights 2021

scheme name Agriculture Input Grant Scheme
Department Agriculture Department Bihar Patna
beneficiary All registered farmers of the state
the profit Farmers cultivating in the area selected by the state government in case of crop damage, untimely rain, hailstorm, landslide, flood, drought prone area.
application procedure through online
State A state in Eastern India
Official website Click Here
Status Working

In Bihar, applications will be taken for agricultural input grant Rabi season (untimely rain / hailstorm / storm) from March 9, 2021.

farmers of bihar Agriculture Input Grant Ravi Weather apply online to take advantage of DBT agriculture Bihar You can visit the official website of.

Note :- Next we will tell you the process of how to apply online for Agriculture Input Grant Rabi Season.

A special Girdawari campaign will be run by the Rajasthan government for 10 to 15 days.

disaster management minister Master Bhanwarlal Meghwal Said in the assembly that both the Rajasthan government and the disaster management would work together to make up for the loss caused to the farmers due to hailstorm.

The minister also told that the farmers hailstorm In order to assess the loss due to this, in the next 10 to 15 days, full compensation will be given to the farmers for the loss caused by special girdawari.

in Nagaur lightning strike Announcement of financial assistance of Rs 4 lakh to the families of two women who died due to

A complete assessment of the damage caused by hailstorm will be done through Girdawari and the related grant will be made available to the farmers in the form of assistance.

Agriculture Input Grant Ravi Mausam is being run for the damage caused by hailstorm in Bihar.

In Bihar too, this time due to untimely rain and hailstorm, more than 33% of the Ravi crops of the farmers have been destroyed.

So the farmers of Bihar too Dbt agriculture For Agriculture Input Grant Ravi on the website Applications can be made from 9 March 2021.

Bihar government has also taken its step forward in helping the farmers and Link to Agriculture Input DBT agriculture Bihar issued on its website.

How to Apply for Agriculture Input Ravi | krishi input online apply

We are here telling you the process of applying agriculture input online in Bihar, Direct Benefit Transfer, application for agriculture input in Bihar, Agriculture Department, Government of Bihar i.e. Dbt agriculture Bihar can be done from its website.

DBT Agriculture Bihar, Krishi Input Online Apply Ravi fasal

How To Apply For Krishi Input Ravi

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to DBT Agriculture Bihar, Krishi Input Online Apply Ravi fasal

  1. First of all you have to go to the official website of DBT Agriculture Bihar.

    dbt agriculture Bihar Click here to go to

  2. If you go to the website, DBT Agriculture Home Page will open in front of you.


    Which will look something like this.

  3. In the menu you will see a link of Apply Online,

    Under which you will get to see the option of second link Agricultural Input Grant Ravi Weather (Untimely Rain / Hail / Thunderstorm) (2019-20).
    As shown here krishi input anudan

  4. Click on Krishi Input Aavedan Sun Weather (Untimely Rain/Hail/Thunderstorm) (2019-20)

    On clicking, a new page will open in front of you. Whatever will happen like this Agricultural Input Grant Scheme(2019-20)

  5. Here you will get to see Krishi Input Scheme (2019-20) grant application form for Rabi crops affected due to untimely rain / storm / hailstorm in the month of February 2020 in Ravi season.

    As shown above here.

  6. Here you have to enter your registration number (Farmer Registration Number) and click on the search button.

    On clicking, if you are a registered farmer then the form will open.

  7. In which you will enter all the information to get the grant.

    The information to be entered can be as follows:
    Farmer and his personal information
    Crop and Damaged crop information
    Aadhar number of the farmer and details of the account in which you want to get the grant

  8. After entering all the required information you will submit your application. You will be able to rectify any errors in the application within 48 hours of submission

    You will not be able to rectify the error after 48 hours.

  9. You will not be able to rectify the error after 48 hours.

    You will be able to rectify any errors in the application within 48 hours

  10. After the submission of the application form, the amount of agricultural input grant will be sent to your bank account through DBT Agriculture Bihar.

    Now your online application for agricultural input grant has been done.

Some key points under Agriculture Input Grant / DBT Agriculture Bihar Krishi Input Application Important Terms

  1. Enter your 13 digit farmer registration number in the registration box then search
  2. Under Krishi Input Aavedan Ravi crop, farmers can apply for a maximum of 2 hectares (494 decimal land).
  3. Agriculture Input Grant will be started in Bihar only in 10 districts.
  4. Agricultural input grants can be applied online for the following districts. Aurangabad, Bhagalpur, Buxar, Gaya, Jehanabad, Kaimur, Muzaffarpur, Patna, East Champaran, Samastipur Vaishali.
  5. After the submission of the application, if there is any error in the application, then change the error within 48 hours, otherwise the application will be forwarded to the concerned Agriculture Coordinator for investigation after 48 hours and any change is possible in the related error. will not
  6. This scheme is payable up to a maximum of 2 hectares (494 decimal land).
  7. Please recheck the corrections made in the application. Once the correction is updated, it will not be possible to improve again.
  8. For land documents (LPC/Land Receipt/Vanageline/Jamabandi/Sale Patra) in case the type of farmer is “self landholder”, self-declaration certificate in case of “actual cultivator” and “actual cultivator + It is mandatory to attach self-declaration form along with the document of land in case of “self-landholder”. Download Self-Declaration Certificate |
  9. Aadhar linked bank account is mandatory to take benefits in various schemes of Agriculture Department. The amount of the scheme will be transferred to the bank account linked to Aadhaar only. Applicant please enter Aadhaar linked bank account.

Note :- In this way you can apply online for Krishi Input Aavedan Ravi crop in Bihar.

These districts have caused maximum damage due to hailstorm.

In these districts of Rajasthan, there has been damage due to untimely rain, hailstorm.

4th to 5th March 2020 Preliminary information about crop failure due to hailstorm has been received from the districts, maximum damage has been done in the following districts.

More damage has been reported from Alwar, Barmer, Bharatpur, Dausa, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Karauli, Sawai Madhopur, Bundi, Bikaner, Churu and Jhunjhunu.

In Alwar, Barmer, Bharatpur, Dausa, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Karauli and Salai Madhopur districts, 33% or more crop loss has been reported.

Similarly, in two tehsils of Alwar, in Tehsil Ramgarh, there was 63 to 74 percent crop loss in 48 villages, 35% to 80% crop loss in 4 villages of Alwar.

And in 9 villages of Gudamalani, a tehsil of district Barmer, 40 to 50 percent of Rabi crops have collapsed due to hailstorm.

Krishi Input Aavedan will be given in 10 districts of Bihar.

Similarly, in Bihar also there are 10 such districts which have been selected by the government. Krishi Input Aavedan 2020 done under.

In Bihar, Aurangabad, Bhagalpur, Buxar, Gaya, Jehanabad, Kaimur, Muzaffarpur, Patna, East Champaran, Samastipur Vaishali have suffered maximum rabi crop loss.

Government will give grant on loss of more than 33%

by the government Krishi Input Aavedan Will be given to such farmers whose crop has lost 33% or more.

On March 5, 2020, all the District Collectors were directed by the Chief Secretary to send the information about the preliminary assessment.

In Rajasthan, take action to get the Girdawari report ready and send it soon and according to SDRS normal if 33% or more crop is damaged. Krishi Input Aavedan Begin the giving process.

Note :- So in this way you got information about agriculture input grant rabi crop.

In this article, we have provided you information about the three states Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh where the maximum amount of damage has been caused to the Ravi season agricultural inputs.

pay attention :- Similarly, we will first give information about new or old government schemes launched by the central government and state government on this website. sarkariyojnaa.com If you give through, then do not forget to follow our website.

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Thanks for reading this article till the end…

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FAQ Bihar Krishi Input Anudan Yojna

✔️ What is Krishi input anudan?

Grant on top of crop chest to farmers by Agriculture Department Krishi Input Aavedan provided under.

✔️ How to check Krishi input anudan status?

agriculture input grant status Dbt agriculture You can check with the help of official website.

✔️ Is farmer registration necessary to take advantage of agricultural input grant?

Yes “Yes” Benefit under Agriculture Input Grant will be given to you only if you are a registered farmer.

✔️ How can I know my Farmer Registration Number?

farmer registration number information of you DBTagriculture Bihar You can find out by visiting the official website of

✔️ How to find Farmer Registration Number, Bihar ?

1. First of all go to the official website of DBT Agriculture Bihar.
2. In the menu on the home page, under the Registration option, click on the option to go to registration.
3. As soon as you click on the registration, a new page will open in front of you which will be like this. farmer registration number

4. Here you can check your farmer registration number information through 3 means (A) registration id (B) Aadhaar number (C) Mobile Number
5. Select the one you have, enter its number and click on the Search button.
6. If your farmer registration has been done as soon as you search, then here you will see your farmer registration number.

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