Register of objections for mobile phones, "I signed up but how many problems"

Rome, 27 July 2022 – Register of oppositions, start uphill. Stop at unwanted calls from today, a stop to wild telemarketing but with some problems. As the lawyer explains Vincenzo Colarocco, expert in new technology law who has just registered (as a citizen). Taking advantage of a positive parenthesis of the site that had a really fluctuating trend at its debut. He summarizes the lawyer: “Funtil at 9.40-10 he was knocked out, at 10 he left for an hour … In short, a going in fits and starts “.


“In the meantime – recalls the lawyer Colarocco – you can access the Register of oppositions with spidwith electronic identity card but also without authentication“.

This is the experience in the field made by the lawyer: “Today I discovered two things that had not been clarified so far. After having registered your mobile number, you need to verify thecorrect insertion calling a phone number, lo 06-42986415. On the other hand, no one will answer but a message will appear on the screen that says, your number is valid. “All over? Absolutely not.

“After 10 minutes you receive an E-Mail – continues the lawyer Colarocco – who warns: “Dear user, your request has been taken care of”. But there is still a way to go.

The request, as is known, it is handled in one business day. But, which is not so well known, “the effectiveness takes effect only after 15 days”. The lawyer confides: “Many aspects still remain to be clarified and the companies that have to wash the lists are blocked. I am worried about the operators, tomorrow I have a meeting, let’s see how it goes. We will do the tests together. We hope that the Registry is effective and operational. immediately”.

In theory, the public register of oppositions will be the largest archive of mobile phones in Italy. “And it will have to be well guarded – is the reflection of Colarocco -. Because this database can be tempting to hacker “.

Public register of oppositions, uphill start

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