Regional delegates, in Lombardy Violi (M5S) surprisingly beats Pizzul (Pd). I dem: “Chosen by the center-right to elect Berlusconi al Colle”

A little political case accompanied the choice of regional delegates from the Lombardy for the election of the President of the Republic. In addition to the governor Attilio Fontana and to the president of the regional council Alessandro Fermi (both from the Lega), the Pirellone assembly has chosen to send to Rome – to represent the opposition – the councilor of the 5 Star Movement Dario Violi, already candidate for president of the Region in 2018. Violi has collected 22 votes (double the 11 of the M5S group) separating the name indicated by the Pd, that of the group leader, by five preferences Fabio Pizzul, which stopped at 17 (the dem councilors are 14). The votes for Fontana were 47, those for Fermi 31. Viviana Beccalossi, of the Misto group, instead obtained 12.

The election – despite the numbers on paper – of the pentastellato candidate sparked a harsh reaction from the Democratic Party, which accuses the center-right of having given a “substantial contribution”To the unexpected outcome. “Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy have chosen an exponent of the 5 Star Movement. The delegate of the opposition for the election of the next President of the Republic was chosen by the center-right. L’interference of the majority in the dynamics of the opposition it is a serious matter. These are political facts that have a clear meaning and have to do with Forza Italia’s goal of getting elected Silvio Berlusconi as the next head of state ”, reads a note from the group. “We remain convinced that clarity and consistency always pay off. We acknowledge that we are the only real opposition in the Lombardy Region ”.

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