Region of Sicily, Musumeci turns back after the threats: no junta reset

No resetting of the junta. The fury of the president of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, exploded after flat rate inflicted by his Wednesday afternoons with the secret ballot in the classroom, it gradually faded until turn around of today. So that after the vote in the classroom, the moat created around the Sicilian president by the snipers now seems even deeper, after his reaction which is certainly very ‘hot’. Only arrived third as a delegate for the election of the president of the Republic, Musumeci had reacted earlier by suggesting that he would resign. Then in a live broadcast Facebook throwing arrows at the snipers, at least 8 deputies, defined as “runaways”, “deserters” and “blackmailers”, Finally he announced that he would clear the junta.

But no: all postponed. Watered down like his anger of yesterday, shattered in the face of the obstructionism of his allies, the same ones who had given him the well-served, which he had pointed out in the direct social network. It was just over 24 hours of fire for Musumeci – who now seems increasingly weak – started with the vote yesterday afternoon at the Sicilian Regional Assembly to choose the delegates for the election to the presidency of the Republic. A vote that is considered almost predetermined because by convention the president of the Region, the president of the regional council (or of the Assembly, in the case of Sicily), and a representative of the opposition are chosen. Musumeci is indeed in the shortlist of three delegates, but he only got from the classroom 29 votes: at least 8 were missing, all of which went to the group leader of the M5s Nuccio Di Paola, who came second with 32 votes, while the president of Ars arrived first, Gianfranco Micciché, with 44 votes.

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A vote of “no confidence” for more than one, to whom Musumeci he reacted in a perhaps too disheveled way. Certainly a reaction that did not go down to the majority parties, the same ones that had to designate the new names for the reshuffle while keeping in the background the reconfirmation of Musumeci as the center-right candidate for the presidency of the Region for which the next fall. After yesterday, however, and especially after the Facebook direct, reconfirmation seems increasingly distant. In his “speech to the region”, he had in fact said that he would not resign – “we will go on not giving a damn about these means” – promising, however, that he would clear the junta to form a “responsible government” and reach the end of the legislature. This is the great social response, shortly after debacle in the courtroom, not without having pointed the finger at the “blackmailers”, who only in the secret of the urn had found the courage to turn their backs on him. A very hard speech followed in day after from a stalemate: the announcement of a new government has fallen on deaf ears. We’ll talk about it again next week.

In the meantime, theprovisional exercise which the Assembly already arrives with serious delay. And we have to wait for the spirits to calm down to understand if there are the conditions to really form a new government. In the meantime, the president’s anger has given way to more mild actions: everything remains as it is. Today the president had to deal with allies unwilling to grant a reshuffle on his terms, first of all that of keeping his dolphin at the helm of Healthcare, Ruggero Razza. And here’s the turnaround: no reshuffle, at least for the moment. A stalemate that underlines Musumeci’s political weakness, which has already emerged from the vote. And that now makes the opposition thunder: “Musumeci is under the thumb of those parties that humiliated him in the courtroom and that have long since abandoned him. And this is certainly not good news for Sicilians who are waiting for solutions to real problems and certainly not ridiculous disputes over armchairs “, commented Nuccio Di Paola, group leader M5s to Ars. He continued: “The evidence of the numbers in the Chamber should have certified the failure of this government experience and pushed the president to leave his post. Instead he decided to stay, in spite of everyone. It will mean that in a few months, after Parliament, it will be the Sicilians who will discourage him ”. “The last few hours were the stage for yet another farce by the President of the Region, the worst antics of the legislature, during which Musumeci offered other dramas that more than hilarity raise great sadness for the serious lack of respect towards Sicilians” , he remarked In the Dipasquale, regional councilor of the Democratic Party and deputy secretary of Ars. “Act one:” I resign !! “. Second Act: I do not resign but I reset the junta !. Act three: Nothing happened, let’s have a coffee … “, he jokes, instead, Claudio Fava.

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