Referendum and Democracy, Cappato presents the program: “Immediately activate the digital signature for lists outside Parliament”

A public appeal because those who care about rights and democracy apply for the list “Referendum and Democracy“, Launched by the radical leader (and co-president of the Eumans association) Marco Cappato to bring in the theme of digital signature in the election campaign. The list, explained Cappato presenting the program, “focuses on the digital transition towards democracy for the enhancement and protection of the tools of democracy buried during the previous legislature, such as referendum and the popular initiative laws never discussed, starting with those for the legalization of euthanasia and cannabis. We are launching an invitation to those who care about rights and democracy to apply with us to the site ”.

Cappato e Virginia Riverco-chairs of Eumans, with Marco PerducaPresident of the Committee promoting the referendum for Legal Cannabis, explained how the Referendum and Democracy list was created to guarantee the equality of access to civic participation and politics for anyone who enjoys civil rights in Italy and in the European Union: “The Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella did not respond to the request for activate the digital signature immediately for none of the lists currently out of Parliament ”, denounces Fiume. “With this direct action of ours we continue the dialogue initiative with those who still have the power to allow this modality of participation – as was done for the referendum – and broaden participation in the elections on 25 September to those people who are currently discriminated against. Our appeal is now to all Italian citizens who have democracy at heart and consider elections an instrument for not excluding their needs, starting with civil rights from the future Parliament ”.

“The main objective of the Referendum and Democracy list is to ensure that what has been demonstrated in the summer of 2021 can happen, namely that once the unreasonable obstacles there is popular participation in respect of constitutional legality ”concluded Cappato, Fiume and Perduca. “The direct contribution of people must become possible in every area of ​​the political and institutional life of the Italian Republic. It’s about a precondition of activation of liberal democracy without which any proposal for a specific or structural reform will continue to be a vain statement ”.

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