Referee boss Collina: ‘Seven, eight, nine minutes of injury time will become normal’

FIFA referee boss Pierluigi Collina has announced that there will be more situations with a very long injury time at the World Cup in Qater. That includes, among other things The Telegraph Tuesday morning.

The Dutch national team added no less than eight minutes in the second half, which eventually even became ten. Davy Klaassen managed to make the decisive 2-0 in injury time. Earlier in the day, the game between England and Iran added at least 24 minutes of extra time (divided over both halves).

Explanation Collina

“We are going to calculate the injury time very carefully and try to make up for lost time,” says Collina. “We don’t want there to be just 42 or 43 minutes of active play in a half, that’s not acceptable. The time that is lost must always be made up. Seven, eight, nine minutes will become normal.’

In the past there have been more discussions about introducing pure playing time. It doesn’t seem that far yet, although a step in the right direction seems to have been taken. The Dutch national team will play again at the World Cup this Friday. Then Ecuador – which started the World Cup with a 2-0 win over Qatar – is the opponent.

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