Ref Bikes launches bikes made in France, scalable and customizable

The Lyon startup Ref Bikes will market a first range of modular bikes, scalable according to the needs of its users and fully customizable. To start, Ref Bikes will offer two models. The Ref One presents itself as a classic urban muscle bike while the Ref One Assist is a model electric. At any time, it will be possible to upgrade the muscle model to electric, and vice versa, by adding or removing two components.

This range is actually based on a framework of bike patented innovator. The concept is based on a unique frame design, which offers many possibilities for transformation.

Soon, kits will be available to transform your bike. It will thus be possible to lengthen it, to transport its children, to change its wheels to advance in the dunes or even to open its frame to transform it into a Dutch bike. Each bike will also be customizable in terms of colorswhich can always change over time.

The idea is to be able to modify the bike to adapt it to his desires of the moment, rather than changing them regularly. From a classic configuration, it can go electric, from an urban model to an all-terrain model, etc. Orders should open in September, with first deliveries scheduled for early 2023. The Ref One will be offered at 1,200 euros and the Ref One Assist at 2,500 euros.

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