Reductions and tax credits: payment of the advance on January 17, who is affected?

By Caroline J. Posted on January 14, 2022 at 1:01 p.m.

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Some French people will be smiling within a few days. The advance of tax reductions and credits will be paid to 8.7 million households as of January 17, 2022. So who is affected by this down payment? We get back to you.

As every January, some French people will be able to benefit from advance tax reductions and credits (RICI). On January 10, in a communicated, the Ministry of Economy announced that the payment of this advance will as of January 17, 2022 and will concern 8.7 million tax households. Concretely, this transfer will appear in your bank account under the caption “AVANCE CREDIMPOT“and will be of a average amount of 605 euros, explains the Ministry of the Economy.

« Taxpayers for whom the tax administration is not aware of bank details (235,000 tax households) will receive this advance in the form of a letter-check that they will receive by post by the end of January. “, Also indicates Bercy.

But then, are you eligible? Who is affected by this payment? As the ministry explains, this deposit “ facilitates home employment by reimbursing the associated tax charges more quickly “. Also, those affected by tax reductions and credits are those who make dons to associations, employ an employee at home (childcare, household …), those who host a loved one in Ephad or those who pay union dues. The rental investment expenditure (Duflot, Pinel, Scellier, DOM, Censi-Bouvard) can also benefit from these tax credits.

As a reminder, this payment is paid all at once and corresponds to ” 60% of the total amount of reductions and tax credits concerned, declared in spring 2021 for expenditure incurred in 2020 », Specifies the ministry.

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