Red Velvet Joy: Outfits with boots that will make you look great

Red Velvet girls always surprise us with their outfits, Joy shows her modeling skills even with casual outfits and some of them will inspire you to recreate her look wearing high boots.

The idols They not only bring good music to our playlist and spectacular dances to our memory, the artists of the k pop they have become fashion icons and following some of the trends they use will make you look very fashionista.

For some, their favorite style is gala, whether formal or glamorous. For others, the casual style is much more exciting, but Joy from red velvet dominate any of these facets of the fashion.

That is why today we have four casual Joy outfits for you that you can wear on a normal day, adding a dose of Korean fashion in your style and using the boots that you may already have in your collection. Which of these outfits of the member of Red Velvet you dare to use?

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Joy outfits to recreate and show off your high boots in a casual outing

For the first look you need a black blouse, you can choose one with a fitted shirt style, a sweater or like Joy’s, which has long sleeves and a high neck. Combine this garment with a skirt in a shade that stands out, this will be the color point of the entire outfit.

For footwear, long boots like Joy’s will add a touch of elegance to your outfit and a matching bag will be the final detail you need.

Joy’s outfit from Red Velvet. | Source: Instagram @_imyour_joy

The second outfit corresponds to one of the styles that the singer used in her solo debut, like the previous one, it is accompanied by high black boots, but this time with a more casual and fun vibe.

You only need denim shorts, a white shirt with a design on the front and a sweater in warm tones, you can also substitute it with a kimono. Details are important and that’s why accessories like belts and a bag that includes the leather effect will be great for this look.

Joy’s outfit from Red Velvet. | Source: Instagram @_imyour_joy

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For this outfit you will need black and white garments. The upper part can be a dress or a skirt and top combination, while the footwear takes up the high boots that Joy likes so much.

Make sure that the upper part is black and the lower part is white or, in any case, reverse the order but keep the contrast. The point of color can be present with a bag or even a scarf.

Joy’s outfit from Red Velvet. | Source: Instagram @_imyour_joy

The last outfit also combines two main colors, but is more adventurous. You need a short or a skirt in black, for the upper part we recommend a blouse with a silk or chiffon appearance in red, if it has designs like Joy’s it will be even better.

Add your high boots, accessories and voila, you will have a spectacular outfit.

Joy’s outfit from Red Velvet. | Source: Instagram @_imyour_joy

On the other hand, we tell you about some ideas for your looks inspired by LE SSERAFIM, their outfits will make you love neutral tones.

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