‘Red’: Pixar employees are DISAPPOINTED with Disney

Red – Growing up is a Beast‘, new animation of Pixar, has undergone a drastic change in recent days and had its theatrical release canceled due to the increase in cases of the new variant of COVID-19, Ômicron, in the United States and the rest of the world.

Shortly after, it was revealed that the feature film would be released directly on the streaming platform. streaming do Disney+, which left several Pixar employees disappointed with the decision (via Insider).

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“It is safe to say that we are all extremely disappointed”, one of the studio’s insiders told the site. “Until then, we all thought that ‘Red’ it was going to be our return to the big screen, and everyone at the studio was so excited to be this particular movie. It was a tremendous shock.”

“It sucks, but I understand”, said another official.

In yet another comment, another member of the company commented that, despite the disappointment, the decision was not seen as wrong: “With Omicron infections so high, I haven’t heard anyone say the decision to switch to streaming was wrong”, he commented.

Remembering that the film will be released on the day March 11.

Enjoy watching:

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The film was written and directed by Domee Shi.

In the plot, a 13-year-old girl transforms into a giant, red panda whenever she gets too excited.

The production features the voices of Sandra Oh e Rosalie Chiang.

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