RED By SFR sales: the 40 GB mobile plan for € 10, 100 GB for € 13 and 200 GB for € 15 until January 17

For the winter sales, RED By SFR has decided to relaunch its XXL promotions launched in December 2021. Three non-binding mobile plans are currently on sale, including an offer with 40 GB of 4G at only € 10 / month. A very interesting offer to seize as soon as possible!

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If you are planning to change your mobile plan, now is the time to grab a bargain! Indeed, the promotions on non-binding packages at RED By SFR never stop. And without a doubt, they are some of the best deals around for anyone who wants a plan with plenty of data at a low price. With this promo, RED by SFR offers 40 GB of 4G for only 10 € / month. As always, the offer is not subject to any time commitment and the price does not change after one year. To save money on your mobile plan, this is a great deal not to be missed.

40 GB at 10 € / month on the SFR network: a great offer to grab quickly!

This package therefore offers you 40 GB of 4G internet which can be used in metropolitan France. A large envelope that should already allow you to surf the Internet in peace, check your emails regularly and enjoy video streaming from time to time. For trips in Europe or the overseas departments, the offer also includes 6 GB of internet. And of course, calls, SMS and MMS are offered unlimited whether in France or from the aforementioned international destinations.

Remember, to reap all the benefits of this BIG RED promo, you’re going to have to act fast. As mentioned above, the offer is only valid for another 4 days. It will end on January 17 at 11:59 p.m. To not miss it, it is better to subscribe now.

The other promotions at RED By SFR: maxi data packages from € 13 / month

Would you like to have more mobile data on your smartphone? It will suffice to pay 3 euros additional to have 100 GB monthly and 5 euros for 200 GB. With these two packages, RED by SFR indeed offers a 100 GB package at 13 € / month and 200 GB at 15 € / month in addition to the 40 GB package at € 10 / month. Both benefit from the quality of SFR’s 4G network, as well as the other advantages offered by the operator. Also, the offers will only be valid until Monday January 17th.

What you must remember

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  • – 40 GB package at € 10 / month for winter sales
    – Non-binding and price-free package that changes after one year
    – Promotion valid until January 17, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

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