Red alert: the Pixar animated film on Disney+ available on VOD: review and interview

By Cécile D., Julie M. Published on June 13, 2022 at 3:06 p.m.

Pixar presents the next must-see animated film that will send us all back to childhood: Red Alert! From March 11, 2022, go to Disney+ to discover the story directed by Domee Shi, as whimsical as it is familiar. The film is now available on VOD on various streaming platforms.

When you’re a young teenager, the only thing you want is to blend into the background. It’s not easy to get there when the slightest strong emotion transforms us into a giant red panda! Discover Meilin Leethe heroine of the new animated film from the studios Pixar, entitled Red alert.

This teenager will have to learn to control the changes and emotions that go through her, while making her mother understand that she is no longer a little girl, and that she must agree to leave her growing up. A story that should resonate with many viewers, regardless of our age…

The Oscar-winning screenwriter Domee Shiawarded for the short film Bao, again gives us a beautiful story about the family, adolescence and the difficulty for parents to see their children grow up. Without forgetting, of course, the keys ofhumoremotion, and the beauty animation that always characterize Pixar productions!

The film was released directly on Disney+ on March 11, 2022. If you are not a Disney+ subscriber, you can find Red Alert by digital purchase and rental everywhere ! No more excuses: go see this joyful film that takes us back to adolescence.


Red alert, the brand new animated feature film from Pixar studios, tells the adventures of Meilin Lee, a young 13-year-old girl, full of confidence, but torn between her image as a model little girl in the eyes of her hyper-protective mother and chaos of adolescence. And as if all the changes taking place inside her weren’t enough, whenever she’s overwhelmed by her emotions – which, for a teenager, happens almost all the time – she transforms into a giant red panda!

Our opinion :

Humor, emotion, beautiful life lessons, a colorful and explosive universe: we find all the Pixar know-how in this well-paced new feature film. Through Mei Mei, we relive our adolescence : we remember the friends and girlfriends who were at the center of our lives, the first loves, the desire to be seen as grown-ups…

On the animation side, we discover a very colored and very round, an original style but which allows this film to stand out from its predecessors.

The story of Mei Mei reminds us of those difficult times in adolescence, where the body changes, where desires and expectations evolve, without sometimes being able to express or identify these changes. Whatever our age, whether we are a girl or a boy, we quickly identify with this very funny and energetic, eager to grow up and be recognized as an adult. We especially love the relationship that Mei Mei has with her friends and family, a relationship full oflovepunctuated by a few arguments that fail to erase the affection and support they have for each other.

A great film to watch with the family!

Movie poster :

Red Alert, the new Pixar animated film, unveils its poster and trailerRed Alert, the new Pixar animated film, unveils its poster and trailerRed Alert, the new Pixar animated film, unveils its poster and trailer

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