Recovered after fractures, Zé Neto has a date to return to the stage with Cristiano. See when!

Zé Neto, from the duo with Cristiano, will return to the stage this Friday (17), after canceling shows for the first two weeks of June. The sertanejos canceled the performances after Zé Neto fractured his ribs. recovered, the singer announced the resumption of the schedule.

“Did you think I wouldn’t come back? Unstoppable. Rocket doesn’t have reverse. We’re arriving on the 17th in Bálsamo (SP). We’re going to break everything, except the ribs. Let’s go upstairs because the show is going to be amazing. I’m counting on you. singing because it’s going to be a special night,” he said on social media.

How did Zé Neto fracture his ribs?

Previously, Zé Neto reported how he fractured three ribs. “I was training boxing and I started to feel pain, but at the time I didn’t realize it was something ‘bigger’ because I was hot-blooded, right?”, He said.

“But I went to the doctor and as I told the doctor that the pain was bearable, they didn’t do an X-ray. But it got worse and I decided to go back for the exam. And then they discovered these fractures. They broke three ribs, in a way that could puncture mine. lung if I didn’t keep quiet,” he said.

Cristiano retakes Covid-19 test and tests negative

Last week, Cristiano reassured fans about the diagnosis of Covid-19. The musician said that he redone the exam and tested negative for the disease.

“On the issue of Covid, I tested positive in a pharmacy test on Saturday morning. I was asymptomatic. Yesterday I took a test and it was negative. Today I came to the clinic, I took another test and it was also negative. I had Covid. I didn’t have any symptoms. So it’s quiet”, he commented.

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