Record number of grass pollen grains measured in the air, announces Sciensano

“The previous record dates from June 19, 1983, when 376 pollen grains per cubic meter of air were recorded in Brussels,” notes Ann Packeu, head of the Mycology and Aerobiology department at Sciensano.

“Very dry periods are ideal for grass pollen,” says Ann Packeu. If the good weather largely explains an exceptionally high concentration, the exact reason why a record was reached on Saturday June 4 remains difficult to determine, she specifies.

More generally, it appears that 2022 has so far been a fairly exceptional year for grass pollen. We can even speak of an intense season, according to Ann Packeu.

A concentration of more than 50 pollen grains per cubic meter of air was thus measured over several days. It is from this threshold that people with hay fever can be more affected.

However, the grass pollen season does not necessarily intensify under the influence of global warming. “We especially see that the season starts a little earlier and ends a little later, from the beginning of May to mid-July. So it does not necessarily intensify, but it lengthens, ”concludes Ann Packeu.

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