‘Record Island’: tasting with buchada beat and more exotic foods causes bullshit. ‘All ruffled’

The night of this Monday (25) was full of emotions for the participants of “Ilha Record”. After Kaik had the opportunity to return as Commander and choose who would be the leader of the opposing team, Vitória and Kaio, who are in Exile, decided to change the game, besides they face a challenge with exotic foods. Caique Aguiar, who is becoming a target of the participants as he tries to unite votes against his former ally, used a stone from the “necklace of powers” to defend himself from the attack of the exiles.

Chosen by Vitória and Kaio not to occupy the position of Commanders of the week, Raphael and Solange watched Caique use a stone from the necklace to get rid of this Exile attack. Therefore, the participant who most promises revenge in the game, Solange Gomes, took over the Esmeralda team by decision of Kaik, who won the duel and became the Commander with powers, the same position that Caique used to indicate him to the Survival Challenge.

Duel test has buchada beat and more exotic foods

Mariana Rios warned that the Commanders needed to choose participants to duel with the rival team with aim, strength, resistance, reasoning, aim and courage. Ste decided to go soft to stay on the losing team, which caused a small disagreement between Solange and Ste. “Even doing soft body, I couldn’t do what Solange wanted. But it was good, as much as it was irritating me, I stopped and listened to her and so I was eating my time”, said the influencer.

The second challenge took place between Raphael and Jaciara. In the test of courage, they had to eat five exotic dishes, such as offal with okra, raw beef heart with vinegar and chicken giblets juice with radish. Jaciara had the best performance and secured points for his team. Jaciara’s speed bothered the opponent, who commented: “It’s all ruffled, out.” “This isn’t a warm-up class, it’s to win a test. If it was to enter through the eye, ear…”, said the Bahian.

Even at the front, Kaik’s team was surprised by the Guardian’s visit and had the opportunity to change two players, to the disappointment of Fábio, who had to go to Solange Gomes’ team.

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