‘Record Island’: Exile Coming? Solange Gomes, Kaik and Kaio are at risk in the first reality challenge

The night of this Wednesday (20th) began with a challenge for three participants of “Ilha Record”. In the third episode, the confined needed to start the voting cycle. After trying to unite votes against Kaik for feeling betrayed, Caique Aguiar, Commander of Amethyst, gained the power to send two colleagues to the Survival Challenge, without a second thought the model nominated Kaik and Kaio.

“We ran together, before starting all the activities we said: we are together. But I was upset, I felt stabbed even more because I had options from the Emerald team. I also gave him the first piece of map and because of that I recommend Kaik”, explained Caíque Aguiar. “I never felt like his priority,” Kaik countered. “As if I gave you a map,” interrupted the personal. “Alright, but I also think that for what I deserved, for what you said I was one of the best on the test, and at the time you could have given me one more life [na atividade] Did not happen“, completed Kaik.

Afterwards, Mariana Rios started voting as follows: the winning team of the first race (Amethyst) has the right to vote for whoever they want, while the losers (Esmeralda) had to vote among themselves. As Vitória said in a conversation with Whendy and Kaio, Solange Gomes was the most voted and will have to participate in the challenge.

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