‘Record Island’: after controversy with Caique Aguiar, participants unite and put Kaik in the crosshairs of votes

“Ilha Record” started this Monday (18) and the atmosphere of fraternization among the participants is diluting with each episode. On Tuesday night (19), Caíque Aguiar was upset after being eliminated from an activity worth a car by the then ally and, after the dynamic, the model spoke about the disappointment, teaming up with Whendy Tavares and Raphael to set the vote of the week.

“He had the option to choose two from the Esmeralda team and he stabbed me in the back”, he complained after returning from the dynamic. Later, in a conversation with the actor and the ex-panicat, Aguiar realigned his ideas in the game. “This game served a lot to see who honors the word or not,” he began. “After the Esmeralda team saw and understood our votes, they are seeing who is loyal. You gained strength from that”, he spoke to the two allies. “You are part of it [Whendy e Raphael]Kaik is part of it, but he [Kaik] did not fullfill [o combinado] so I don’t protect,” he continued.

Citing some names like Aline and Jaci as allies, they mentioned some voting options, among them the funk singer Kaio, which caused disagreement with Whendy. “The Caíque has a lot of persuasive power, but I think that’s a danger,” Whendy said in the cabin. “He can persuade us to do something that is not coherent,” he added. Evaluating the options, the trio raised the name of Bruno, who was involved in controversy with Solange Gomes, and Kaik.

Vitória accuses Caique Aguiar of manipulating participants to vote for Kaik


After the conversation between the three of them, Whendy and Caique went to talk to other participants about Kaik’s nomination, however, Vitória was afraid of Kaik returning as Commander, as happened with Aguiar. “I, Kaio, have no reason to vote for Kaiquinho”, argued the funk singer. “He’s making everyone’s head,” Vitória shot at Caíque. “Whendy is very heartfelt, I felt that she doesn’t have much malice there, she goes through the minds of others. She is lost”, he added, stating that he would only vote for those who are sure they would not come back with powers and citing Solange Gomes.

“Very hard to get votes together, you know,” lamented Whendy. “Take the vision. Don’t make a deal like that. Too much strategy in a game that is also from the heart…”, advised Kaio. “That’s why I told you, before you give your word, think”, warned the blonde.

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