Record heat, the virus alert from the glaciers. "They can release alien species"

Rome, 24 July 2022 – Drought, record temperatures And humidity: three alarming factors for Alessandro Miani, president of the Yes but, the Italian society of environmental medicine, professor at the University of Milan, the only European in the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) of New York, a world-leading organization in the field of public health.

The professor lists four emergencies globally: record temperatures, extreme drought, melting glaciers and fires. Then comes to this conclusion: there is a risk of invasion of alien species and new epidemics, with the expansion of living species unknown to us or known only in books. The same botanists tell me that in the woods of Lombardy we begin to see plant species that are not native at all. And it’s not so much the alarm these days. The forecasts for the future are not benign. “But let’s see in detail.

Melting glaciers and risk of new viruses: what is the link?

Miani explains: “Even i glaciers they are a danger, especially the deeper ones they can be virus vectors unknown to us. The melting of the ice, in fact, can free living forms that have been trapped for who knows how long. Viruses, bacteria, fossil microorganisms but still viable. “It looks like a science fiction film, but it’s just science.

Deforestation and wild animals: what risks?

The same thing, is the example of President Sima, what happens with the continuous deforestation “that puts us in contact with wild animals which can be carriers of diseases that can be transmitted to humans through the mechanism of spill over. We speak of zoonosis to indicate precisely the pathologies that can infect humans starting from an animal “.

Tick ​​alarm, what to do?

In June one 70 years old died in Sardinia for a tick bite. “They tend to stay hidden in the winter – recalls the expert – and to reproduce in the summer. When the heat is very early and the winter rains have been scarce, the eggs are laid a few centimeters below the ground, in the absence of rain. they hatch much faster. The same goes for grasshoppers. However, they affect crops, while ticks affect animal health and can also affect human health. The most dangerous pathology is meningitis “.

Mosquitoes, drought does not stop the danger

The zooprophylactic institutes rightly report a decline in the number of mosquitoes due to drought. Yet the danger is no less. Just browse the latest ISS bulletin with cases of West Nile and the victims, the virus already circulates in five regions. “The change in temperature in our latitudes is bringing alien species, until recently it was not normal to find from us the tiger mosquito. Today we also have the Japanese and Korean ones “.

Portuguese caravel, why did it come to our waters?

And it is always explained by the rise in temperatures the presence of Portuguese caravel in Sicily – a woman was stung -, “another example of a so-called alien species that we begin to find in our seas. They colonize the environment, the same is also true in the vegetable field. It belongs to the same family as the jellyfish but it is composed of four different organisms living together in symbiosis. Very dangerous. It lives in the Atlantic, it does not swim but thanks to the wind it is pushed and moves in the seas. In a cold sea it dies, in warm waters it proliferates “.

Glaciers and record heat, the expert: risk of new viruses

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