Reborn Rich, Song Joong Ki’s Drama, Succeeded In Its First Episode

Song Joong Ki returns to K-dramas as Reborn Rich, a story full of intrigue and excitement where his character will be reborn as the youngest son of a chaebol family. With this new life, the actor plans to take revenge against the one who betrayed him. The first episode was already a hit with Korean audiences.

Reborn Rich It was a complete success in its opening week. During the transmission of the first chapter, the drama achieved an achievement that no other series had achieved this 2022. Do you want to know what it is about?

Official Reborn Rich poster. // Source: Twitter @Masovih

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, surely you are waiting for the premiere of Reborn Rich, the new drama by Song Joong Ki, actor of Vincenzo and Descendants of the Sun. The story of this series drew a lot of attention for its plot, which promises to keep you trapped during each chapter until you know who killed his character?

In the first trailer you can see Song Joong Ki he is a dedicated secretary to a chaebol family, doing jobs that not everyone does. During a mission entrusted to him by his boss, the young man ends up being assassinated. Although the story does not end there, because in some way or another, his soul returns to the past and ends up inside the body of the youngest son of the family. Having all the memories of him, he is determined to discover who ordered to kill him and plans to take revenge on him.

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The first chapter of Reborn Rich has been the most watched drama premiere of 2022

Reborn RichSong Joong Ki’s new drama, had a powerful premiere and the audience rating proved it. This drama was highly anticipated by the public thanks to the fact that Song Joong Ki always excites with each of her works.

The first chapter of Reborn Rich it had a viewership rating of 6.1% nationwide, while it had a 6.7% rating within Seoul. Thus becoming the most watched premiere of a drama of 2022.

On top of that, the drama had a great reception thanks to their performances. Which pleasantly surprised the korean public in general, who have been delighted with Song Joong Ki’s performance in previous dramas.

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Where can I watch Reborn Rich? Song Joong Ki’s new drama

Reborn Rich, Song Joong Ki’s new drama, you can watch it through the portal doramasmp4. It has barely been two episodes, so it is the perfect time to start the series and follow it up to date. This could become one of the most popular dramas, especially for its powerful premiere. Without a doubt, it is a drama that you will have to follow closely. If you already started it, tell us what you thought of the first chapter.

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