‘Rebelde’ actor causes controversy by being indifferent about the series: ‘My priorities are different’

Sergio Mayer, from ‘Rebelde’, says he only accepted the role for the money

At 23, Sergio Mayer is the father of Mila, with Brazilian model Natalia Subtil. Still in the interview, the actor explains that another reason that made him look for the test for the soap opera would be economic.

“I needed to work, because my daughter just turned five, she’s at school and she needs things… whether it’s ballet classes, a birthday party or whatever, and in order to support her economically, I sought a casting call, because I’m still not making money from my music”.

The repercussion of the actor’s speech was such that even Carlos Lara, RBD composer, countered. “It doesn’t offend me at all and I celebrate your honesty. Like it or not, RBD is already part of pop music history and personally I feel proud and grateful to be part of those who helped create the phenomenon. The rest is subjective. . Soon, I will be able to give an opinion on the musical work of Mr. Mori, to whom I wish at least one percent of the success that RBD had”, he wrote.

‘Rebelde’ season two will have a new face

The announcement of the renewal for the second season of the series, which inspires by the looks, came with the news that the new phase will also have a new face. THE young artist Saak, successful in Mexico, he was confirmed as a student at the “Elite Wey School”. When asked about his character, he only released a single spoiler: “EWS Will Catch Fire”, he explained, citing the name of the school.

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