Rebel Wilson: Simple trick helped her lose weight

Rebel Wilson
Simple trick helped her lose weight

Rebel Wilson slimmed down with a very simple trick.

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Rebel Wilson made 2020 her “Year of Health” – and lost a lot of weight. Now she revealed what her doctor advised her.

Rebel Wilson, 41, shared the secret of her weight loss success. In an interview for “Apple Fitness +” she revealed: The actress achieved her weight loss of around 35 kilos by simply running. At the time, her doctor advised her to do an hour of moderate walking a day to lose unwanted body fat, the actress said. Your training does not have to be high-intensity or uphill.

“I found that very reassuring because it was a simple solution to something I had been thinking a lot about before,” says the “Pitch Perfect” star. According to Wilson, it’s about doing something every day to become “a healthier version of you.”

Apparently she has big plans for 2022

In order to lose weight, the actress also drank a lot and avoided sugar. She revealed that in “InStyle” magazine. She also said that she was sad sometimes: she should have changed her lifestyle when she was 30, not 40. However, she emphasized that every trip is different and that it is not a race or a competition.

Wilson had declared 2020 to be her personal “Year of Health” and her followers on Instagram be part of it. As she indicated on the platform, she apparently has big plans for this year as well. She recently posted a picture in a sports outfit with the hashtag # 2022 and looked determinedly at the camera.


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