Rebecca and Fabio got to know each other while she had a tattoo done: “My parents were anti-tattoos, now mom wants one herself”

Rebecca and Fabio are both big Halloween fans and organize a Halloween party every year. “At the last party, Fabio asked me if I wanted to marry him and I replied ‘bwa yes!’”, Rebecca laughs. © Brenda Boltsen


They both have several tattoos and are crazy about Halloween. Those passions brought Rebecca Vereecke (30) and Fabio Ricci (37) together. The couple got to know each other in the tattoo shop, while Rebecca had a tattoo done and talked endlessly about… Duvel.

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Her parents were firmly against tattoos. When Rebecca came home years ago with the first copy on her arm, they were ‘In shock‘. That shock became even greater when she introduced her new love four years ago: Fabio, a tattoo artist from Genk. “I had already said in advance that Fabio was a tattoo artist. Mom was completely upset, Dad didn’t say much,” laughs Rebecca. “But at the first meeting their opinion completely changed. They expected a rough type, but Fabio is very calm and has a heart of gold. My dad didn’t like his nose ring alone. (laughs) In the meantime they have also seen what he can do, that he really is an artist. Now mom even wants to get a tattoo, of course by Fabio himself.”


Rebecca and Fabio are both huge Halloween fans. © Brenda Boltsen

It is no coincidence that the man from Pale and Genk met each other in the tattoo shop. “I had a tattoo done by a colleague of Fabio, in the shop where he also worked at the time,” says Rebecca. “I am very sociable and like to chat. For example, I said that I like to drink Duvel, I even have a Duvel tattoo on my arm. (laughs) I have quite a special and especially loud laugh, so I sometimes unconsciously attract a lot of attention to me. At that moment Fabio joined the conversation. We chatted for quite some time. It went from drinking to food and music and film.”

After that first meeting, it remained silent for a year. “We did follow each other on social media, but that was it,” says Rebecca. “Unconsciously maybe because we were both looking for our own happiness, but I only found that out afterwards. Until Fabio posted a video on his Instagram in which he himself was tattooed and made a rather painful face. Fabio is full of tattoos, so I laughed: ‘fake’. So we got back to talking.”

Homemade guacamole

While chatting back and forth, it quickly clicked. “I am a huge Halloween fan and it turned out that I share that passion with Fabio,” says Rebecca. “So I invited him to my Halloween party. Fabio is less socially inclined, so he didn’t feel like meeting up in a group right away. So we met separately a week later. He was at the door with nachos and homemade guacamole. Then I knew it was good. (laughs) Now we organize a Halloween party together every year.”

The two had already decided that they were going to get married. “I had already bought a house and Fabio would share the costs,” says Rebecca. “We had therefore decided to get married for administrative reasons. I assumed that at some point Fabio would say: ‘here’s a ring’. But during our last Halloween party in 2021, he got down on his knees. The day before we had just worked out intensively with a personal trainer, so it was with a lot of effort and muscle pain. When he asked me if I wanted to marry him, I replied: ‘Bwa yes’. (laughs) I also repeated that at our wedding in the town hall. We wanted to get married on Halloween, but it fell on a Monday this year. So we chose the Friday after. We did put some pumpkins here and there, but we couldn’t resist that.”

© Brenda Boltsen

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