really engaged? Chethrin Schulze solves the ring mystery!

Is she engaged or not? A few days ago, Chethrin Schulze (30) caused speculation with a snapshot. Both her new partner’s hand and her own were visible in the shot – fans of the reality stars contestant’s former fight particularly caught the eye of the sparkling ring on her finger. Immediately, engagement rumors began to circulate. Well expressed Chethrin to the speculation.

“Engaged, pregnant, married, divorced. Of course not. I’ve had the ring for six months”the 30-year-old asked during a Q&A in her Instagram-Story clear. The influencer also revealed that she did not receive the piece of jewelry from her loved one. “I gave it to myself once,” emphasized Chethrin.

Though the former Love Island contestant isn’t engaged to her partner yet, things seem to be pretty serious between the two. At the beginning of November, she told her fans that she could well imagine having children with him. “We won’t wait too long with that either”assured the reality TV star.

Instagram / chethrin_official

Chethrin Schulze

Instagram / chethrin_official

Chethrin Schulze, influencer

Instagram / chethrin_official

Chethrin Schulze in August 2022

Do you think Chethrin and her partner will soon take the next step?

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