real or fake? The story behind the video of the Queen’s Guard aiming and shooting at a tourist

For a few days, in social media What Twitter It has been done trend the video where a Queen’s Guard, in the United Kingdom, shoots a tourist causing great commotion. However, today you will know the history behind this controversial footage and in this note you will know if it is a real fact or, on the contrary, something completely false.

a controversial video

Last May 12 a video was shared on the account of Twitter No Context Brits”, which shows the member of the queen’s guard turning around, whereupon a tourist appears, after which he is heard shouting: “Get away from the Queen’s Guard”, Immediately afterwards, he points in the direction of the tourist, a flash of the weapon is seen, while in the background screams are heard from the people around.

The footage reaches almost 328 thousand reproductions in this social network from the date of its publication.

The Queen’s Guard

Now, it is important to know what the function of the queen’s guardwhich is nothing more than soldiers of British Army Home Division Infantry whose job is to protect the residences of the UK Queenwhich includes Buckingham Palace, in the capital London; functions they perform from XVII century.

They are characterized, among other things, by their distinctive red and black uniforms, the same ones that have become iconic characters in the british popular cultureespecially, spread to the whole world since the middle of the twentieth century.

But, with the massification of his image, many have thought that his role is merely decorative, which has led to more than one problem between these guards with disrespectful tourists or people who completely ignore their role.

real or fake?

That said, let’s get down to business, is the video of the queen’s guard shooting a tourist? The truth, as revealed by the portal Newsweekis that this would be a mock-up of another clip which has circulated on the Internet for several years, the same one that has its origin in Youtubehaving achieved, so far, over 18 million viewsyes

The footage is about a tourist following the march of a guard outside the royal residences. The guy walks over, taps the soldier on the shoulder, but, just like in the doctored footage, the soldier he yells and points his rifle at the subjectbut it doesn’t shoot. Failing that, the guy runs away scaredbut unharmed.

Tourists in trouble with the Queen’s Guards

It is true that in other videos that have gone around in various social mediathese guards can be seen advancing, without stopping, in the midst of impertinent tourists, causing more than one incident and scandals that, at the time, have escalated to the point of motivating statements by the authorities.

One such case occurred in december 2021 when a Royal Guard runs over a child in the vicinity of the Tower of London. The footage accumulated, at the time, more than 2 million views and led to the declarations of the Ministry of Defense spokesmanwho assured that the soldier checked the child after the incident, stating that he was fine.

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