Re-election of Emmanuel Macron: who could be the next Prime Minister?

By Graziella L. Posted May 14, 2022 3:11 PM

Emmanuel Macron, re-elected for a second term, claims to have chosen his new Prime Minister, who should be announced this week. Who could be the new head of government? Some names are already making headlines.

Who will be able to succeed Jean Castex, the last Prime Minister datedEmmanuel Macron ? The latter, who has just been re-elected for a second term, indicated that he had already chosen the next tenant of Matignon, without announcing it to the press. New head of government could well be a womenwhich would deal in particular with the ecological question. But what are the names of candidates who circulate?

Moreover, the new Prime Minister could well only be in office for a few weeks, if LREM does not obtain a majority in the legislative elections. Indeed, the head of government is chosen by the President of the Republic from among the majority political group in the National Assembly. In the meantime, according to Emmanuel Macron’s latest announcements, it would be a prime minister, who does not have too marked a political career, with a personality “social, environmental and productive”waiting at his side.

Four profiles come back regularly in the hypotheses and among them, three women: Audrey Azoulay, Elisabeth Borne, Julien Denormandie and Marisol Touraine. Audrey Azoulay, little known to the general public, was Minister of Culture under François Hollande. She is a senior civil servant, enarque, and her current mandate as director general of unesco is rather marked by its commitment to ecology. Elisabeth Borne was Minister of Labour, Ecology and Transport during Emmanuel Macron’s first term.

Julien Denormandie could be considered, since he was Minister of Agriculture and Food during the previous mandate. moreover, he is considered close to Emmanuel Macron, since they have known each other since 2012, when the president was deputy secretary general at the Élysée. At last, Marisol Touraine is also mentioned, after its support shown last February. Minister of Social Affairs and Health under Hollande, she seems to have a social profile, close to the left.

Other names have been heard, sometimes denied by those concerned: Christelle Morançais, Christine Lagarde, Ségolène Royal, Laurence Tubiana, Nicole Notat, Pascal Canfin, Laurent Berger or even François Bayrou or Sébastien Lecornu, rather close to power. However, a surprise is always possible, like the appointment of Edouard Philippe in 2017.

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