Raymond, Cyril Hanouna’s flagship columnist more cash than ever!

The columnists of TPMP can disagree with Cyril Hanouna when they don’t share their ideas. However, they followed him by majority when the host of the daily C8 settled accounts with Louis Boyard last Thursday. Indeed, Baba attacked the deputy, and former columnist of the show, when the latter criticized him and mentioned Vincent Bolloré in particular, accusing him of being involved in several cases with the justice system.

An accusation that had no place for the host given that it was not the subject and that he did not understand how the LFI deputy could spit in the soup by criticizing the one who paid him his salary a few years ago when he worked for the band. Following this, a violent clash broke out and Cyril Hanouna insulted Louis Boyard live in his daily life. A behavior which did not fail to react and which generated several consequences.

Raymond supports Cyril Hanouna but denounces despite everything

In particular the complaint lodged by the guest in question. Indeed, the deputy LFI announced this Monday, November 14 that he was going to take legal action following the insults received from the host of TPMP.“I’m going to file a complaint against @Cyrilhanouna. And I’m going to file a complaint with a thought for the millions of people who have been insulted. Insulted every time TPMP invited the far right and made racist and Islamophobic remarks on their showshe wrote on his Twitter account to warn the host.

If the columnists are going to react to this story in the daily newspaper of this Monday, November 14, Raymond has already given his opinion. For the columnist of TPMP “we do not slap a PRESIDENT! The same we do not insult an MP (even amnesic)”. However, regarding the rest of the case, Raymond sides with Cyril Hanouna: “On the rest all my support @Cyrilhanouna. Tonight I continue to be YOU to say what you think and to give voice to those we never invite never change that J’TE KIF FRÉROT”he assured on Twitter.

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