Rayane Bensetti ready to do anything to get closer to Denitsa Ikonomova? This message says it all

Denitsa Ikonomova really cheated by Rayane Bensetti? We know more. While since their victory in the fifth season of Dance with the stars, couple rumors circulated about them, in April 2021, a video of the young man kissing Camille Lellouche ignited the web. Quickly, all eyes turned to the one who is sworn in DALS 11, and everyone started talking about a separation. Since this affair, the 28-year-old actor and the professional dancer no longer appear together and no longer follow each other on social networks. A situation that seems to sadden Rayane Bensetti, who obviously would do anything to get closer to his dear and tender …

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Rayane Bensetti called on the Raytsa team – Credit (s): Instagram @rayanebensetti

Indeed, on November 15, 2021, the interpreter of Diego in Tamara wrote the following message in his Instagram story: “The Raytsa team (the contraction of Rayane and Denitsa, editor’s note) ?? I need you write me in DM please”. A very mysterious request that intrigued Internet users … Rayane Bensetti has an idea in his head and it necessarily concerns Denitsa Ikonomova. The next day, he took the time to thank his fans for their help: “I did not expect so many answers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, the message got through. I count on your respect, I love you very much the team see you soon”.

The Instagram story of Rayane Bensetti
La story Instagram by Rayane Bensetti — Crédit(s) : Instagram @rayanebensetti

Rayane Bensetti, who embarked on rap, might want to work things out with Denitsa Ikonomova, who a few weeks ago, had mentioned their breakup by declaring in the Buzz TV from TV Mag : “Both of us are very private people. When we talk about us, it’s to talk about our professional career and not necessarily about private life. We still have to keep a minimum of mystery, secrecy or something. of staff for us “.

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