Raúl Santana, the renowned actor of “I am Betty, la Fea” has died

The world of international novels is in mourning after the death of Raul Santana, iconic Colombian actor who rose to stardom thanks to his role as “The check” on “I am Betty the Ugly one”From RCN Televisión.

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The news was given by the local newspaper, The Chronicle of Quindio, which reported that Santana’s death occurred around 1:00 PM yesterday in his apartment, where he lived six years ago with his twin brother.

According to the Colombian media, the cause of death of the director, screenwriter and actor would have been a serious illness that afflicted him for some time.

Your companion from the novel, Julio Cesar Herrera, who took the role of Freddy Stewart, said goodbye to him with a few heartfelt words on his personal Twitter account: “Raúl’s beautiful soul… have a good trip, dear companion. Good trip. We had a lot of fun“.

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