RATP: the maintenance of the RER and the metro disrupted by a strike, what danger?

By Graziella L. Photos by My B. Posted Nov 20, 2022 10:49 AM

For almost a month, RATP workers in charge of the maintenance of Parisian transport have been on strike. At the risk of endangering metro and RER users?

You may have wondered why line 14 has been chaining problems for some time, yet automatic? Why do the equipment damage follow one another on your subways all day? Well, that can surely be explained by the RATP workers’ strikewho usually deal with the maintenance Paris metros and RER. These last are the worst paid of the RATP“, according to Jean-Christophe Delprat, general secretary of the FO union. And the movement should still expand.

The strike, which began in October in a pearly way in theSucy-en-Brie maintenance workshop, in charge of RER A, could take place in all workshops this week. The concern, denounced by the unions at AFPit’s a major security risk, while workers on strike are replaced by executives who are no longer technically up to date. But the RATP ensures that it has organized so that the maintenance activity continues with working, trained and authorized personnel“.

However, the metro and RER trains, which travel a lot, must be maintained at the workshop regularly, and with the strike, the line of waiting trains is getting longer. Thus, some drive without all the necessary maintenance, especially on the RER A, where “only the check of the brakes and the roof is carried out“, said Gabriel Muller-Mallet, CGT member, to AFP. Since October, 4 out of 5 workshops RER A and B and 7 workshops out of 20 metro joined the strike.

This historic movement requires a salary increase of 300 euros for these employees. The RATP ensures that the social dialogue is ongoing while other workshops could well be added to the strike this week, with more and more disturbances on Ile-de-France public transport lines.

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