RATP: the extension of line 14 is "top priority" for the 2024 Paris Olympics

By Graziella L. Photos by Laura B. Posted Jun 12, 2022 11:18 AM

As the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are fast approaching, the question of public transport to transport the millions of travelers arises, with in particular the extension of line 14, which becomes the “absolute priority”.

It will be necessary that the Parisian public transport work perfectly during Paris 2024 Olympic Gamesto convey the million travelers planned to the Olympic venues. The works and fittings the most important ones will therefore have to be completed by July 26, 2024 and among them the extension of metro line 14which becomes the “top priority” of the RATP. It must indeed connect by then Orly and its airport St Denis where the athletes’ village will be.

Initially, we also had to know the arrival of the Grand Paris Express and lines 16 and 17, whose deadline for the Olympic Games was quickly abandoned. The only survivor happens to be line 14, the extension of which has already advanced well to the north, to the Town hall of Saint-Ouen. For the moment, in the south, the terminus remains at Olympiades, far from the objective of Orly, and there are only two years left to advance the work.

At present, the commissioning date is only scheduled a few weeks before the start of the Olympic Games. The organizations carrying the project have not, however, no worries and say they are confident. According to them, the schedule is consistentin particular between the town hall of Saint-Ouen and Saint-Denis-Pleyel, where the creation of the station and the tunnel are in the hands of the Société du Grand Paris. Bernard Cathelain, member of the management board of the SGP, ensures that the tunnel is finished and the rails laid almost everywhere.

On the south side, optimism is also in order, while seven new stations must appear by 2024. According to RATP estimates, the extended line 14 will make it possible to go from the north to the south of Paris in one forty minutes.

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