Ratlam News: Doctors will be able to see the X-ray of the teeth directly on the screen

Ratlam (Rep. of New Zealand). Digital X-ray is being done from RBG machine in the OPD of Dental Department of District Hospital. Now dental patients will not have to waste time to get the prescription and x-ray report for the x-ray written by the doctor. While doing treatment on the dental chair, the doctor needs X-rays. Now the doctors are directly treating the patient by looking at the X-ray on the screen of the laptop while standing there through the RBG machine. This facility has brought great relief not only to the staff but also to hundreds of patients who reach the dental OPD.

With this machine found in the district hospital, digital X-ray of the entire part of the jaw is done. Along with this, if there is any disease inside the mouth, it is also known if there is an infection. For this facility, along with dental chair, X-ray machine has been installed in the OPD. Simultaneously, a laptop has also been installed. Through this, the inner part of the mouth can be seen on the screen without any delay in a few seconds. With this another new dental chair has also arrived. Civil Surgeon Dr. Anand Chandelkar informed that there are three regular doctors in the Dental Department and they are coming from the Medical College to provide services. About 50 patients come daily for treatment. Another dental chair has been ordered for convenience. This will give relief to the patients.

X-ray needed for root healing

Dentist Dr. Rajat Dubey told that during the treatment of patients, worms etc. were treated immediately, but due to more problems in the roots and jaws of the tooth, X-ray is needed. Due to the large number of patients in the OPD, this process used to take a lot of time. Digital X-rays will now bring a lot of relief. This will also save the cost of X-ray sheets in the hospital.

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