Ratlam News: Demand for improvement in the arrangements of reservation center

Ratlam. Passengers coming to make reservation of train journey at the reservation center of the railway station are getting upset every day. At present only two windows are functional at the reservation centre. Out of the three windows that were operational since last July, two windows have been closed. This is causing trouble. Divyang, women, MP, MLA, journalist etc. can get tickets made at window number one, while general passengers can get tickets made at window number three. In such a situation, only window number three is left for a normal train passenger, on which long queues are formed and two queues each at window number one. One row is for general passengers and one for reserved passengers. Due to this, disputes also keep happening and senior citizens and women have to suffer. The railway passenger who has come to make reservation has to write the complete address of the journey along with the pin code. For this, the Mandal has not put any information on the reservation center in the administration. Due to this too, there is an argument between the railway personnel posted at the reservation center and the passengers. Rotary Club’s Sub Divisional President Akhilesh Gupta and Yuvam Director Dharmendra Mandwaria have demanded DRM to improve the arrangements of the reservation center.

Electricity company gave 42 thousand notices to Lok Adalat

Ratlam. Under the aegis of MP West Zone Electricity Distribution Company, effective preparations have been made for Lok Adalat to be held on September 11. Efforts are being made to resolve maximum number of cases in Lok Adalat to be held at 44 places in Malwa and Nimar. So far 42 thousand notices have been issued. 26 thousand notices have been issued in all the seven districts of Ujjain division including Ratlam district. Amit Tomar, managing director of MPPaksheviKum, said that in the Lok Adalat, the cases of electricity theft, irregularities registered under Section 126 and 135 of the Electricity Act 2003 will be settled.

Penalty charged for parking vehicle in no parking

Ratlam. Arjun-Gopal Yadav, Yashwant-Gopal Panchal, Akshat-Mahesh Rathore, Chhabinath-Gangaram, Naveen-Akhilesh Aggarwal, Rakesh-Ratanlal, for parking vehicles in no parking in Ram Mandir and Chandni Chowk area on Friday as per the instructions of Municipal Commissioner Somnath Jharia. , Alisha-Agyar, Mrs Rao-Manjale Rao, Ramhit-Dhannalal Prajapati and Pawan-Rajkumar Yadav were fined Rs 200 each. Everyone was also advised not to park the vehicle in no parking in future.

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