Ratlam News: Before the completion of the construction of Delhi Mumbai Express Highway, solve the problem of farmers and residents

Javra (Naiduniya News). Before the completion of the construction of the Delhi-Mumbai Express Highway, if the problems of farmers around the road, drainage problems and compensation are not completely resolved, then on 16 September, Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari was asked about his proposal of Javra Ratlam. There will be fierce opposition during the tour.

Virendra Singh Solanki, former vice-president of the Zilla Panchayat, visited the rural area on Sunday to know the problems of the farmers. He did Panchayat Choupal in village Bhuteda, Uplai, Kervasa and Niman and reached 8 lanes with the people of the village and saw the problem of different villages. Badrilal Malviya of village Niman told that about 20 years ago, he had got the lease of non-transferable land for the living of the family, at the time of construction of the road, the NHI officials came and said that leave the land, you will get compensation. For more than 2 years, I have been making rounds of government offices, no hearing takes place. Similarly, there are many people in Niman village whose land was acquired but the compensation amount was not received. Nandkishore Sharma of village Bhuteda told that the road connecting Bhuteda village to Barkhedi village, which was completed two years ago in the farm road plan, was completely destroyed by the heavy vehicles of the contractors of the 8-lane construction company. When we objected last year and demanded to repair the road back, the people of the construction company gave in writing that we will make your unpaved road before the completion of the highway, but now no one listens, we are constantly making rounds of the SDM office. Huh. The most important problem is the road leading to the fields of every farmer. Uplai’s farmer Virendra Nayma told that before the construction of the road, the NHI officials and the people of GR Infra company came to the village and informed all the villagers that a service road would also be built on the side of the road so that you would be able to reach your fields. But after the completion of the construction of the main 8 lanes, now they are completely retracting from the talk of service road.

Congress leader Solanki has warned the NHI officials that if their problems are not resolved by talking to the farmers before the proposed visit of Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, then every farmer will stand with a black flag on his fields and protest in the village. Along with this, we will also hold a fierce demonstration in Khedagaon. Congress leaders Radheshyam Chauhan, Pappu Seth, Dilip Kothari, Dharmendra Sen etc. were present on this occasion.

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