Rating: "The Hotel of the Famous" achieved an expected victory in audience

Since it began, “The Hotel of the Famous” He knew how to captivate a good portion of viewers who support them every night. On Friday, May 13, he left very good feelings for the program in terms of rating it means. After the absence of “The First of Us” as it happens every week, were at the top.

El Trece’s reality show has fewer and fewer participants, so the tension increases between them. In the last hours it was known that Majo Martino and Locho Loccisano are the new nominees to leave the competition next Monday, while the members of “The family” they seem to have more and more power.

As for your audience, “The Hotel of the Famous” it was the most watched of the day with an average of 10.2 rating points. Behind came another cycle of the sun’s signal, “The 8 Steps Kids” with 9.8 although it was not enough to win the day since Telefe had better measurements in the rest of the day.

Good measurements of “The Hotel of the Famous”.

Regardless, there is a lot of conformity to celebrity reality show performance and a second season is already planned. “The Hotel of the Famous” has in its candidates Chanchi Estevez, Alex Caniggia and Sabrina Carballoamong others, for which each one gathers many admirers on social networks.

The rating showed that the product is interesting, especially after the end of “Master Chef Celebrity 3”. the program they lead pampita Y chinese leunis is confirmed and there is great expectation to know the winner, whose last recording will be in June.

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