Rating: How tall was "ph we can talk" with the visit of Lizy Tagliani?

In recent weekends, “ph we can talk“Rating-PH-We-Can-Talk-record-a-considerable-drop-in-their-numbers-20220626-0004.html” target=”_blank”> Rating-PH-We-Can-Talk-record-a-considerable-low-in-their-numbers-20220626-0004.html” target=”_blank”>recorded ups and downs in its audience measurements, plus, Marina Calabro took aim hard against the cycle, by saying that there isfill-in guests“. Anyway, on Saturday July 23, the program of Andy Kusnetzoff, prevailed as the most viewed of the day and met Telefe’s expectations.

The guests of the date were Lizy Tagliani, Facundo Conte, Ivana Nadal, Momo and Bambi Moreno Charpentier. The program began with 7.2 rating points but with the passing of the minutes “PH Can We Talk” reached a peak of 10.2 rating pointsand widely surpassed El Trece.

. Lizy Tagliani, Facundo Conte, Ivana Nadal, Momo and Bambi Moreno Charpentier were the guests of “PH We Can Talk”.

As an average of the night, the cycle of questions achieved 8 rating points and won its time slot. while the sun sign chose the movie “My ex is a spy”starring Justin Theroux, Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, with whom they got 6.6.

“PH We Can Talk” was the most watched on Saturday.

Bambi talked about her brother’s health, Chano Charpentier, who re-entered a rehabilitation clinic, and for his part, Lizy Tagliani starred in an unusual moment, when he faked a fainting live.

The actress assured that he has a great ability to simulate fainting, when he recalled an anecdote with Coast, from when they worked together on a play in which they had conflicts with the production due to poor ventilation on the set. In that sense, At the request of the driver, Tagliani collapsed on the floor to demonstrate his curious talent. Also, She said that she really wanted to become a mother.

Lizy Tagliani simulated fainting live on “PH Podemos Hablar”.

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