Rating: how tall was it "The Hotel of the Famous" with the "secretly chape" by Martin Salwe and Emily Lucius

With love in the air in”The Hotel of the Famous” after the confirmation of the courtship between Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz, Martin Salwe Y Emily Lucius They took a big step in their game of seduction, which added points for the reality rating.

Yes ok the driver of “ShowMatch“He had a short affair with Silvina Lunaonce the media abandoned the competition, Salwe focused on the model who entered the program hosted by pampita Y chinese leunis.

The hot meeting between the influencer and the announcer took place in the middle of a night of relaxation and rock in which Locho Loccsisano, after having a fit of fury at the elimination galaI play the guitar.

The chemistry between Emily Lucius and Martín Salwe in “El Hotel de los Famosos”.

From one moment to another, both instagrammers went to the laundry area and there he “stole a kiss“, which was accepted by her: “Kiss of one, stolen. The stolen kiss, for me, is the best“.

What, is there a camera? But she wasn’t focusing on us. It was not seen, because the door was half closed and we were here. How Martin likes to steal a kiss from me. It’s like he passes by and charges me a toll. Equal I like it huh, but stop Martín, go slowly”, expressed Emily from behind the camera.

This exchange between Martin and Emily earned a few points for “The Hotel of the Famous” since it obtained an average of 10.1 rating points and it varied throughout the night.

Look at the secret chape of Martín Salwe and Emily Lucius in “The Hotel of the Famous“!

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