Rating: how tall was it "The Hotel of the Famous" after the scandalous resignation of Chanchi Estévez

The last elimination gala of “The Hotel of the Famous“was full of Rating-how-much-The-Hotel-of-the-Famous-with-the-spicy-fight-between-Chanchi-Estevez-Alex-Caniggia-and-Locho-Loccisano-20220621-0002.html” target=”_blank “>shouting, fighting and scandal, and as it could not be missing, there was also a abandonment by one of the leading participants in the reality show The thirteenChanchi Estevez.

After Sabrina Carballo and Lisa Vera had to repeat the last part of the physical challenge in the “H” since there was an inconsistency when the actress won, the former “bandana” she managed to consecrate herself victorious, something that provoked indignation and bewilderment in the group of “The family“, made up of the former soccer player, Martin SalweEmily Lucius and Imanol Rodriguezwho also they had quarreled minutes ago with Alex Caniggia and Locho Loccisano.

I’m angry. I don’t know, what do I know? It’s a game and you know what you have to do. I feel a frustration that I thought I wouldn’t feel. I feel very frustrated. I’m angry so I prefer not to say anything“, expressed the actress after Chinese Leunis and Pampita announce your destination.

Sabrina Carballo was eliminated from “The Hotel of the Famous”.

Before the elimination of his former partner, the Chanchi decided to present his resignation to the media competition, and although Salwe also assured that he was leaving the hotel, Estévez was the only one who really kept his word.

Then, the DT expressed his anger and said goodbye to everyone: It was a total injustice what happened. I consider that nothing was ever checked when there were many injustices in many games, I left the contest. To you two, thank you very much for the possibility, for the respect, to all of you, I am very fond of you, but I am leaving the contest. This is my way of vindicating myself with her”.

While it wasn’t enough to overcome”The Argentine Voice“, which featured 17.2 rating points on Tuesday night, “The Hotel of the Famous“was the best of El Trece with 12.4 rating points.

Look at the controversial resignation of Chanchi Estévez in “The Hotel of the Famous”!

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