Rating: how tall was it "The Debate of The Hotel of the Famous" with the reunion between Martín Salwe and Alex Caniggia

From the beginning of The Hotel of the Famous“, alex caniggia Y Martin Salwe They were two of the great candidates to reach the final of the reality show The thirteenand after four months locked up, the announcer and the media will face each other for the 10 million pesos.

Although the finalists had their clashes in front of the cameras, either when they were part of the same team,The family“, like when they were opponents for “The bloodthirstyboth achieved their goal of reaching the final of the program.

The long-awaited reunion between Martín Salwe and Alex Caniggia in “The Debate of El Hotel de los Famosos.”

In this sense, when the participants met again in front of the cameras of “The Debate of The Hotel of the Famous“, the son of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Paul Caniggia surprised with his prediction.

“I wanted to know if you reached the final against who you wanted to reach?”, wanted to know Romina Scalora, to which “The emperor” express: “I don’t know if I wanted to get to the finals with Zoolander or not. what yes, On the third day at the hotel I told him that the final was going to be between the two of us. Forget”.

“They were physical games. One could be left out just the same because if they put a puzzle in me they would split me in the middle, but it didn’t happen “, analyzed the brother of Charlotte Caniggia under the watchful eye of the announcer.

Despite the expected moment, the rating of the cycle led by Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich it did not differ from previous issues. At the best time of the night, “The Debate of The Hotel of the Famous” made 5.9 rating points.

Watch the reunion between Alex Caniggia and Martín Salwe in “El Debate”!

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