Rating: how much did the debut of Florencia Peña’s new program measure

After several twists and turns about his professional destiny in the media after his departure from “team flower, Florence Pena debuted on screen America TV with your cycle”The Put… Mistress” which he defined as a “late night show with sketch tape”.

I am very happy, very happy to be here. I really am. I want to tell you that this is ‘La puta ama’. Have they already put a pip in me? Do not pip me because it is the name of the program, guys. Thirty seconds that I’m here and I already get a pip?”, expressed the protagonist of “Married with children” in the first seconds of the broadcast of his late-night program.

Accompanied by Diego Ramos, Dan Breitman, Miss Bimbo, Chino D’Angelo Y Noralih GagoPeña revealed how they came to the name they gave the program: “To get to this name, we skipped a thousand pelotu….: ‘La Peña de Flor; The whore… that’s worth the Rock; Peña goes, Peña comes; Without Peña or glory; It’s worth it; Despeñalicenla’… I liked this last one, huh. Let’s not cross it out, we can use it for something”.

“La Put… Ama” with Florencia Peña, Dan Breitman and Diego Ramos.

After the end of her monologue in front of the cameras, a series of humorous sketches and dances, the host received her first guest: Robert Moldavsky.

Florencia Peña’s program began with a flat of rating of 3.9 points after the end of “THE M“. Although he tried to maintain stable figures that were around 3.6 and 3.4 points, the numbers went down as the show progressed.

See how Florencia Peña’s debut on América TV went!

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