Rating: How did it go? "sing with me now" with the participant who moved the jury with her message about autism

A week after its debut, in which he had great rating measurements, “Sing With Me Now” moves viewers with the life stories of its participants. Yes ok the cycle’s audience numbers dropped considerably since its inception, the path of the young people who appear on stage moves the jury in the stands, made up of figures such as L-Ghent, The Pole, Christian Castro and Locho Loccisano.

On Thursday night, Sun Camila Lugo singing “Crazy”, A song of Gnarls Barkley, and before her presentation she shared that since she was little she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

They call me ‘Sunny’, I’m autistic and because of my autism I’ve been told I’m incapable, I’ve been called weird, I’ve been called crazy many times. So I’m here to break all the stereotypes they have about disability, about autism, so sing with me now. Let’s make history” she expressed excited.

At the end of his performance, Marcelo Tinelli He highlighted that the young woman is very popular on TikTok. “I am a content creator on networks and I make videos informing about autism. I am autistic and I learned to sing before speaking and singing is the way I have to communicate things”, She indicated about it in her presentation video.

Sol Camila Lugo is a TikToker and spreads information about autism.

One of jury who was most moved by the performance of “Sunny” was Nacho Mintz, ENT specialist in voice and singer.

I love that you’re here. I have a history with disability because my family has been working with people with disabilities for 35 years (…) If TV is about anything, it is that one day stereotypes will end with everything, not just with the autistic spectrum. I thank you for doing this because this is a message for millions of people who will not forget it.”, he pointed.

“Sunny” thrilled the judges of “Sing with me now”.

I always say that I have to say I am autistic and I say it with pride. Because I am not disabled by choice but by society that does not give us that facility. That’s why I’m disabled, not because of me,” Lugo concluded, grateful.

As for the rating of the evening, “Sing With Me Now” had its best performance of the week, since at times it reached 13 rating points, and as a general average of the night it obtained 10.5 points.

See how the presentation of “Sunny” was in “Sing with me now”

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