Rating: How did Alejandro Fantino do on his return with "Stray animals"?

After closing a cycle in “Intratables” and Rating-how-much-measured-the-debut-of-the-new-program-of-Florencia-Pena-20220510-0002.html” target=”_blank”>after the premiere of “La pu*@ ama” with Florence Pena, Alexander Fantinus returned to lead one of his classics: “ Stray animals“. The cycle of America debuted with a new season on Monday night and reaped good numbers of rating in his night hours.

The debut started at 23:30 with 1.5 points and rose to 2.2 points rating with the discussion table. While the average of the first program was 1.8 pointsnumbers that for a night shift on the American screen, make up the producers.

The program will have information, there will be no aggression or insults“, the journalist promised at the start of “Sultry Animals“, a cycle in which he was seen more than comfortable and satisfied.

As for the journalistic team that accompanies him, it is made up of Javier Calvo, Miguel Wiñazky, Carlos Burgueño, Mariano Cuneo Libarona, Diana Deglauy, Julieta Tarrés Y Enrique Zuleta Puceiro.

Watch the video of the debut of “Loose Animals” with Alejandro Fantino!

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