Rare images of an earthquake on the surface of the Sun that forms concentric waves

On the Sun also, sometimes ” earth “ aspen. Researchers discovered it 26 years ago. Seismic activity, circular waves coming from the core of some solar flares. And today is the very first Sunquake of cycle 25 reported by astronomers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA).

This earthquake was born from an eruption that occurred on May 10, 2022. And for once, the images provided by the researchers have not been reworked. To show that the phenomenon is almost drowned out by turbulence around. Showing how difficult it is to discern on the surface of our Sun. Even though it classically releases 40,000 times moreenergy than the most important Earthquakes recorded on Earth.

The first sunquake recorded for solar cycle 25. © Nasa, SDO

Even if hundreds of Sunquakes have already been observed, the phenomenon remains mysterious. Astronomers always wonder why all the solar flares are not accompanied. And why also their waves — which seem to be compression waves traveling inside the Sun and probably recombining on the other side in a pale copy — begin their journey at some 30,000 km/h and end it at more 400,000 km/h and suddenly disappear.

With l’ongoing intensification of solar cycle 25other Sunquakes should soon be detected.

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